Taylor Sophia Skaar, LPC-S
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using the creative process ...
Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX

It all matters:
It matters what we say and do.
It matters what we don’t say or do.

What matters most to children is that someone “sees” them.
Their life is a merry-go-round and children thrive when someone waves to them each time they pass by.

Counseling and Therapies
Especially for

Because children do not have the verbal skills of adults and adolescents, creative therapies are especially important in helping them express their thoughts and feelings.

For younger children Play Therapy is the usual method, and has a long record of successes. Older children can often use modified versions of the same creative therapies that are effective for adults.

I can help children:

Manage crises
Defend and recover from bullying
Protect themselves from family stress
Find their place in a blended family
Recover from loss and grief
Understand illness
Find their place after divorce
Heal from trauma

Children's progress in therapy--and in life!--is tied to their family relationships, so I keep close contact with parents to help them "see" their child every time life's merry-go-round brings their children in sight.

Using the Creative Process to Help People through their Problems


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