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Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX

A family is a group of interconnected people who are dependent on each other for the quality of their home life.

The health of the family - including patterns of interaction and the quality of their relationships - will determine how the members feel about themselves as they each travel through life. The mental health of each individual in the family can be enhanced by an effective, supportive, caring family system.

Family Therapy
We're All in This Together

Families will encounter problems.  It's a fact of life that all families face.  One way to evaluate the strength of a family is to look at how the family handles a problem.

Can the family tolerate a member of the family who asks hard questions?
Who in the family encourages full discussion? 
Does everyone have an equal right to be heard? 
Does one member dominate? 
Does the family have fun together? 
Is there laughter here?
Are the individuals comfortable with each other?

Family therapy can help answer these and other questions, can nurture changes in the quality of family life and bring out the strengths, wisdom, and support of the family system. 

Families can learn new skills for solving problems, including improved communication and relationship skills.

What Happens in Family Therapy
Family therapy is often done through games or creative activities that allow everyone in the family to participate. In my office, a family might want to work with miniatures in the sand or together create a large mural representing the family.

The family may meet with me as a group for guidance in tackling a problem together. I often see the families of children who have already started therapy with me. I may request sessions with family sub-groups such as the children together or one parent with a child.

Using the Creative Process to Help People through their Problems


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