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Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX

Special note:  Marriage counseling or couples counseling is not recommended in cases of domestic violence because of the power imbalance between the victim and perpetrator.

Counseling and Therapy for
Domestic Violence
or other
Interpersonal Violence, Abuse and Threat

With 12 years experience counseling over 600 victims of violence and abuse, I provide expert, knowledgeable therapy services for victims of interpersonal violence.

Violence comes in many forms and is known by several names, including family violence and interpersonal violence. During my 12 years counseling victims, I have seen violence between husband and wife, live-in partners, roommates, caregiver and caregiven, parent and child, employer and employee, couples who are dating, and people who had previous relationships. 

School bullying, stalking, and rape are forms of interpersonal violence. 

The Varieties of Violence
While many people think that "violence" means only physical violence, that is not always the case. Many previous clients report that the physical part was the easy part because with bruises or broken bones, everyone can see that something bad has happened. 

The more difficult violence is often verbal, psychological, and/or emotional--and sexual. These types of violence abuse the psyche, the heart, the self. Victims may not even be able to identify that they are being abused. They might report anxiety, sleeplessness, unhappiness, sudden rage, or depression when in fact they are exhibiting signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the same disorder returning soldiers may exhibit.  Many have tried several approaches to solving the problems, including drug and/or alcohol abuse, leaving and returning to the abuser, or hiding for periods of time before returning (usually for "the children" or for financial reasons). Victims leave and return an average of eight times before a final exit.

During my 12 years counseling 600 different victims and providing thousands of services to them, I have experienced the diversity and complexity of the patterns of control used by perpetrators against victims.  Abusive financial control was common. Isolating the victim from friends, family, church, and education was almost predictable. Threats against children and violence against pets were often reported. Stories from victims included control of medical care, birth control, time, food, and education. Jealousy--especially about imagined sexual infidelity--permeated many relationships.

Legal Issues
Effective counseling for interpersonal violence includes a legal component, as well. I have had experience with protective orders, court cases, filing charges against perpetrators, and Child Protective Services involvement with families where domestic violence is present.

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