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using the creative process ...

Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX


for Problem-Solving and Self-Discovery

I specialize in therapies that use the client's and the therapist's creativity as the main tool for change.

I offer a number of different creative approaches, both traditional and innovative, and we discuss which seem best for each client's personality and goals. A single client may use different approaches depending on his or her concerns on a particular day.

Not simply for self-exploration, Creativity-Based Therapies are are a powerful tool in understanding personal problems - and in discovering effective solutions.

Here are a few of the options

Journal and Table

Journaling - Even in this high-tech world, it does help to write things down. Once written words begin flowing from our unconscious, our deepest selves emerge. It's a sure-fire, never-miss path to greater self-awareness and self-exploration, as well as practical problem solving.
More information on Therapeutic Journaling

Sand Tray

Sand Tray Therapy - Did you enjoy building sand castles on the beach?  Or have a sand box in the back yard? Today you can create a personal "world" in my special box of sculptable sand and express yourself with your choices from thousands of miniature figures and small items. Effective for problem-solving and self-discovery, both children and adults love sand therapy.
More information on Sand Tray Therapy

Play Therapy for Children
Play Therapy is a well-researched, effective approach to helping young children express themselves. Essentially, toys are used as words to help them communicate, and therein lives the therapy. 
More information on Play Therapy

Jung Quote

Dream Analysis - Did you know that your unconscious speaks to you in dreams?  Bring your dreams and I will help you demystify them. Learn about yourself through their messages. Dreams often light the pathway to overcome personal difficulties and live more fully.
More information on Dream Analysis

Expressive Arts Therapy - Like to play around?  Art therapy is all about letting loose, "messing about", and having fun. Sometimes we're all just too serious! When the mind relaxes in expressive activity, awareness and solutions emerge.
More information on Expressive Arts Therapy

Talk Therapy

Boring Old Talk Therapy?  
But it is typically not "boring" and is "old" because it works! Engaging with a therapist in pursuit of the answers to personal problems is a traditional, functional, and creative process that occurs between a therapist and a client.
More information on Talk Therapy

Using the Creative Process to Help People through their Problems

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