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Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX

Sand Tray Therapy

Miniatures for Sand Tray
Miniatures for sandplay.
Taylor has one of the largest collections of sand tray miniatures in the USA. An amazing variety of human figures, objects, animals and settings help the client to express a wide range of symbolic ideas and emotional states.

Human and Religious Miniatures

Animal Miniatures

Tree and Vehicle Miniatures
Part of the Miniatures Collection.

The same figure can represent very different things to different clients.
Sand tray therapy (sometimesw called Sandplay) is a creative approach to helping clients (adults and children) work through personal issues or explore their own psychology. It does not require artistic skill, just the basic creative urge that every person possesses.

In the sandtray process, a client chooses miniature items from a large collection and arranges them in a tray of moldable sand to create what is called “a world.” When the world is complete, it will express symbolic meanings and relationships that reflect the client's concerns and values, many of which he or she may not have been aware of.

Clients may or may not want to talk about what they have created, but working in the sand promotes healing and awareness whether the work is discussed or not. The “worlds” are often photographed, making it possible to compare the client's progress over time.

Client with Sandtray Construction
Creating a 'world.'
The client's choices and positioning of miniatures helps him to access meanings and solutions that he was not aware of before.

Using the Creative Process to Help People through their Problems


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