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Miniatures for Sand Tray
The play therapy area.
Ample play area is available, with a wide selection of toys and materials in traditional girls' and boys' as well as gender-neutral styles.

Children's Sand Table
Children's Sand Play
A modified version of Sand Table therapy can be combined with Play Therapy, allowing children to create a world of their own that expresses their fears, joys, hopes and sense of themselves.

A proven, effective tool for children's counseling

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a well-researched, effective approach to helping young children express themselves. Essentially, toys are used as words to help them communicate, and therein lives the therapy.  

In Play Therapy, the trained play therapist uses therapeutic language to create a safe place for the child's exploration of self, expression of worries or concerns, testing of boundaries, and relationship building.

Standard Play Therapy is generally considered appropriate for children up to about age 10. But the ages vary, depending on the child's interest. Play Therapy can be used by the therapist to work with individual children or a group, such as siblings.

One advantage of Play Therapy is that kids look forward to it, even in cases where they might fear talking with a therapist. Their enjoyment and enthusiasm leads to faster progress and better results.

Dollhouse and Shelves in the Play Therapy Area

Using the Creative Process to Help People through their Problems


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