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Taylor Sophia Skaar, Licensed Professional Counselor - Creative Psychotherapies of Austin TX

Expert Witness Services
in Cases Concerning Interpersonal Violence

I will consider testifying as an expert witness in legal cases where I do not know either party and my testimony would be about domestic violence, family violence or interpersonal violence.  Interpersonal violence and abuse may occur between married or cohabitating adults, parent and child, roommates, caregiver and disabled person,employer and employee, or dating couples.

I do all I can to stay out of situations where one parent wants me, as a child’s counselor, to testify against the other parent concerning who should be the custodial parent.  It is my opinion that in these cases an official social study of the family should be done to resolve legal custodial issues. I do not do social studies of the family. 

However, I do have training and experience testifying about interpersonal violence.  The testimony I give is usually a lawyer-led education for the jury about violence statistics, patterns, and results. Typically, the lawyer questions me about interpersonal violence issues involved in the case.

My credentials have been extensively explored in court and found to meet criteria for an expert witness.

My fees are $500/calendar day plus $200/hour, including preparation and drive time. My goal is to get in and out of court quickly.

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